Power 2 Improv's aim is to keep growing and changing and offering new outlets for people to discover the best in themselves and others and to use it and have fun

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Another great improv class - The students learned how to become objects and give them life. How to build something on their own and as a team. To tell a story with objects and no words. giving and receiving offers and just letting it go and play! its week 3 and they have learned so much and its been crazy fun. Great job everyone you’re rocking it up! Want to sign up for our next class in March Go to www.power2improv.com

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A great night for a fun improv class

Last night’s P2I - Improv class - In one word = FUN.   its all about play. Students learned how through and catch a improvised knife and take on the role of a samurai. We rocked it up with becoming a ninja with poisoned arms.  Students are beginning to think outside the box and their world.     Great Job everyone a very FUN night!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Role of a teacher means teaching parents too.

I love meeting my younger student’s parents - All of my younger students are amazing and fun. I love when a parent pulls me aside to let me know that their kid is extremely talented and they want to learn improv to help them with stage presents and have more confidence. As they are telling me how award winning their kid is i look past them and see the angel picking their nose, not just picking but mining for gold. I will say I have only had 2 parents that thought that my class was Dance mom's - where they tried to coach their kids from the side during my class. i.e smile more, look at the teacher, do it better. yup those are things they were telling their kid. So i have to teach the parents too, how to yes and , and let their kids be them-self. and everyone need to just be silly from time to time. I love what I do!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

BIG DAY FOR P2I - Relaunch of the P2I website with state of the art flair.

             Today the NEW version of the P2I website is launched.   It is the most advanced we have every had. I allows us to communicate with your clients, fans and students better and faster. It also will help to drive the business with everything we now do. Over the years we have grown from just improv shows to classes, workshops, seminars, to corporate training and events. We now also offer our full puppet troupe and Streetmosphere program.   This last year was so full and busy I am very proud of the troupe and the hard work everyone has done to get us where we are now.  

              This launch is step one of a much larger campaign that will take us to our next goals and beyond.     So check it out and enjoy!  The new P2I site.    www.power2improv.com

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Class starts with great fun and play!

Last night was the fist night of this sessions Improv class at the library. I Got to meet all my new students. They were amazing! thy jumped right in to the and play. A really fun night! cant wait to teach them more and see them on stage.